We offer ice!

All of Rocked’s products revolve around crystal clear, hand cut artisanal ice. The standard options below should provide you with all you need whether it be for a bar, restaurant or special event. Should you want anything bespoke please get in touch. 

From various sized cubes to larger commisioned pieces, Rocked takes the mundane and transforms it into an art form.

Small Rock

The Small Rock will bring an exquisite feel to any sized tumbler and pairs with any spirit of your choice.

  • 50 x 50 x 50mm

Large Rock

The Large Rock stands taller and pairs best with a classic Negroni or Old Fashioned 

  • 50 x 50 x 60mm 


The Stone lasts longer and is a visual piece of art that is suitable for boozier cocktails with a bit more juice to spare.  

  • 50 x 50 x 70mm


The Spear sits well in most tall glasses and is perfect choice for a Highball or Tom Collins.

  • 35mm x 35mm x 120mm

Made to Order

We enjoy working with clients to make special orders for events. 


With a minimum order of 75 cubes for free delivery, the blocks are hand packed and delivered every week across the Perth Metro.

Anything outside of this is possible, use the form below to get a quote on ice and delivery. 


Please send us an email via the form below and we will get back to you promptly.

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