The Process

How it is made

At Rocked we deliver crystal clear, hand-cut, artisanal block ice to the masses for use in creating and appreciating beverages, but never to distract, only to heighten and improve the drinking experience.

It’s an immersive experience where aesthetics and quality add to a sense of occasion. Whether you enjoy a perfectly balanced Old Fashioned, fresh zesty Tom Collins or just a beautifully smooth 18yo on the rocks, the ice you use is playing a bigger role than just chilling your drink.

The advent and rise of commercial ice machines made the once ubiquitous profession of ice harvesting nearly obsolete, but we find strength in time-honoured traditions for the benefits outweigh the challenges.

Modelled on Mother Nature we mimic the process of a frozen lake and flip it on its head. Using patented Clinebell machines (originally intended for ice sculptors) we slowly, painstakingly, freeze 150 kilogram blocks over the course of 4 days. From there we use our saws to cut down these massive blocks into various sizes.

The process of creating this flawless hand-crafted product starts with our cutting edge filtration system to remove all the impurities and smell from the water. Pumps then circulate and agitate the water to force impurities to the surface leaving clear, big ice. Big ice that won’t dilute your drink, won’t change the flavour of your drink, and will keep your drink colder for longer.

It is a time consuming and labour intensive process but well worth the wait. Oh, and our ice is really, really, really pretty. We are a family owned and operated company, providing frozen water all over Perth.  Got Ice? Stay Cool.

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